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My class reunion's coming,
and though I'm still alive,
My weight and chins have doubled
since the year of '65.

I look into the mirror and -
Good Grief! How can this be?
Gray hair, false teeth, thick glasses -
It's my mother's face I see!

But I head out to the party.
No sense moping, I decide.
I'll just have to grin and bear it.
(But I'm dying, deep inside.)

Then I walk into the banquet hall
And stop. There's some mistake.
Not a single classmate do I find.
Did I confuse the date?

Still the faces seem familiar,
As each one I keenly stare at...
Then I realize I'm looking at - Good Grief!
My classmates' parents!

Photos, Stories, and Other Interesting Stuff

Liberty 4th Grade Pictures

Hay School, Second Grade, 1955

Photos from the back of the drawer

Even More Photos from the back of the drawer

Grade School Days
(click on photo)


... Our Classmates Reflect ...

45th Reunion Photos
(courtesy of Bob Huff)

40th Reunion Photos
(courtesy of Bob Huff)

20th Reunion Photo
(click on photo)

November 10, 2012 Class Breakfast

June 13, 2009 Class Breakfast

March 21, 2009 Class Breakfast

Correctly guess the identities of the six "babes" in this picture and get your name here:

10 May 2010
OK, the photo has been up since April 26 and only one person has ventured a guess, Scott Glaus, and he was wrong, although he got 5 of 6 correct. Don Aber, Emil Ramirez and I all turn 63 this week, and since we don't know how many good years we have left, I better give you the answer before I forget it.

Left to right: Susan Bishop (Soraruf), Jean Acton, Dolores Banach (Stanton), "Pic" Medlar, Linda Pursell, Rosalie Menesana (Sweeney)

Demolition of the Old Wilson High School

"Remember the 60s ..." (courtesy of Ro Sweeney)

In March, 2009, I ran into Carlton Berger, former history and social studies teacher and WHS Principal.

Other Stuff

Terry Lee, Ro Mentesana Sweeney, Dawn Frinzi Pohl, Ken Davey

Albert Zarbatany, our English teacher...THEN...


... AND NOW!

After a long career as a teacher, coach, and administrator, Al retired as Superintendent of the Wilson Area School District in 1994. Sandy reports that Al, "has been relaxing ever since. He has gone through 4 TV's , he loves that clicker."


Click on any of the following for a larger view

Fairview School, 1st Grade   Here's a couple that have been in the drawer since about 1980 

Our 25th Reunion


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