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Tony Morrow, Jim Springfield ('64), Emil Ramirez. Ron Kulczycki, Rich Walters, Lloyd Kramer

This picture was taken August, 1963, in Corning, NY before (or after) our Canadian canoe trip.










Andrew Seipel, Terry Lee, Alan Otto - 1600 block of Liberty St.

No idea what we were looking at.















Ah, the parties!

Carolyn Caroli, Terry Lee, Sandy Worthington, Andrew Seipel, Marilyn (or Jackie) Kutz, Denise Levan (standing)












The Mouse That Roared

Garry Earles, Linda Hildenbrant, Bob Conroy















Denise LeVan, Bonnie Nicholas, Elaine Zackey
















Deanna Forney, Williard Uhler


















Dave Loringer, Elaine Zackey. Bill Kocher, John Eisenhard, Jim Miller (?)

Who's the smoker?

More photos from the back of the drawer

Who me?

The Liberty Street Trio

As good as it gets

Always pick on the little one

In your dreams ...

Do the math ...

Dave Loringer leaves for parts unknown

Yard Sale - about 1981?


Face Painting, Wilson Carnival - 1984


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