Hobo Hop - 1963

Terry Lee wrote:
If you remember this, let me know. I’m drawing a complete blank ... and also, do you know where I put my keys?

prompting the following,

Debbie (Schippers) Patterson:
I cannot believe you don't remember that!!!!!

Sandy (Allem) Butch:
I remember having a sophomore hop in the gym, but I don't remember either group signing or the decorations. Didn't we have to shed our shoes and wear just socks on the "new" gym floor???

Your keys are in your jeans pocket in the laundry basket.
(That explains the noise in the dryer.)

Lorraine (Thompson) Arnts:
We got into trouble for that wood on the floor.

Pic (Medlar) Schoenek:
Anybody remember the "trip to the Principals office because of the logs we used from across the street when the put in the 'field hockey' area? How much did it cost them to get a new finish on the gym floor? I dedicated the 'cost of the sophomore hop to the class of 1966............

Bonnie (Leamon) Wiggins:
I remember it well.

Dolores (Banach) Stanton:
Your keys are probably next to my yearbook!!! Wouldn't there be something there? I don't recall the hobo theme at all.

Garry Earles:
Well, we didn't really SING! More like lip synch to at least one Four Seasons tune... I believe it was Sherry. The stage was at the far end of the gym.. more like a lil platform. :) :) WE ROCKED THE PLACE!!! (there really are 2 R's in my first name.. unlike the article.)

Emil Ramirez:
I remember the HOBO Hop. Earl Theme was up in arms because we brought old logs into the gym and he was affraid that termites would eat his new gym floor.

I don't remember the quartets. Paul Vliet was a guitar player not a drummer.

Bill Moll:
I think Paul also Played the drums because I will never forget the night Dom Murgia and I gave it a 10 second whirl.

Gail (Schooley) Nagy:
Yes! Sure do remember this! A bunch of us smudged our faces with charcoal and wore white bobby socks. We thought we were so cool. (Your keys are probably still in the back seat of your Dad's car!)

Peggy (Richter) Vellner:
Don't remember the sock hop, but I do know where your keys are........your keys are where you put them!!!!
I can only imagine what "The 4 Liquors" actually sang! HAHAHA. That made me laugh!

Gary Trigiani:
Yes it was the HOBO Hop. You never had keys. And who is this Terry person?

Carol (Force) Strauss '66:
I graduated in '66 (carol force) & married john strouse, class of 65. maybe you can't remember this because your mind is purposely blocking it out...lol! it sounds like it was a hoot...i'm sure if anyone took a movie of it that it would be quite entertaining...hope u have success in maybe finding some snapshots of it!






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