Hello Classmates. 

As you know, we had our first breakfast get-together on Saturday, December 20th , at the Palace Restaurant in Butztown (Bethlehem).  There were 24 classmates, some with spouses or significant others, in attendance.  Quite a good turnout considering the snow and ice we had on Friday!

Some of the things we talked about included WHEN and WHERE to have our next reunion.  Do we want to consider having the reunion in the spring or summer rather than November?  Wed love to have your comments on this.

We also talked about the WHERE.  Three possible locations were mentioned:  Returning to Crivallero's, Flynn's Catering in P'burg, or Holy Family Manor in Nazareth.  If you have any suggestions, again, please let us know.  Jay Rutan will check out Flynn's when he returns from Florida, and maybe Lorraine (Thompson) Arnts could get us updated information on Holy Family Manor.  (This was one place Lorraine got info from for the 40th Reunion.)

We also agreed to keep our 45th Reunion casual but to go a little fancier for our 50th.  It's not too soon to start thinking about our 50th Do you know we get to march in with the current graduating class at the High School graduation ceremony?  (Remember all those old people who showed up at our graduation ... well, that will be us in 6 more years!).  We will also be expected to give a gift to the school.  Jay and Gary Trig will be contacting the school for gift suggestions.  The breakfast attendees also agreed with the suggestion to add an extra $5.00 to the cost of our 45th union to put toward the gift.

A suggestion was made to ask classmates to come up with a list of all your good times/great experiences from our days at WHS for the 45th Reunion.  Perhaps the person with the largest list could win a special prize!!!  Any other suggestions to make the 45th more fun would be appreciated.

Finally, a suggestion was made to start a newsletter or website.  Terry Lee offered to investigate getting us a domain and begin putting together this website.  A man of action, Terry already completed this task.  Please visit the link at www.whs65.org.  If you have any old photos from grade school or any information you would like to share with the classmates, please send it to Terry's e-mail address at         TJLee089@rcn.com - you can also find contact information on the website.

Our next breakfast get-together will be on Saturday, March 21, 2009, at 9:00a, at the Palace Restaurant.  We hope to see you there.  Until then, please have a safe and Happy New Year!

Sandy (Allem) Butch