Class Breakfast
September 21, 2013
photos courtesy of Pat Ryan

Ms. Lorraine Steuber and Mr. Al Zarbatany

Sandy's Recap

The WHS Class of '65 had a joint breakfast with the Class of '66 at Williams Restaurant on Saturday, September 21, 2013.

Attending were the following: 

Class of ‘65

Gary Trigiani

Gail Schooley Nagy

Debbie Schippers Patterson

Lorraine Thompson Arnts

Sandy Allem Butch

Shirley Dalton

Jerry Hower

Tanya Capobianco Stiles and Allen

Lloyd Kramer

Emil Ramirez

Rosalie Sweeney

Bev Neiser Couch

Judy Messick Gebhardt

Mary Ernst Mann

Sharon Wagner Heffner

Terry Lee

Bob Conroy

Jean Acton Avitabile

Pic Medlar Schoenek

Roger Templeton

Elaine Zackey Ryan and Pat

Deanna Forney

Class of ‘66

Janice Ballata Shellenberger

Skip Remaley

David Mack

Ron Lauer

Richard Behler

Nina Kramer

Darlene Causey Hager

Sandy Davey Miller

Larry Notaro

Barbara Bertolino Killar

Jack Templeton

John Hagenbach

Kathy O’Neill Leary

Brenda Miller Reddy









We also had two very special guests join us – Ms. Lorraine Steuber and Mr. Al Zarbatany. 

Our next breakfast will be scheduled in early December.