Class Breakfast
June 8, 2013
photos courtesy of Bob Huff

(photos courtesy of Bob Huff)

Sandy's Recap

We had a wonderful turnout for our first combined class breakfast with the classes of ’66 and ’64 at Williams Restaurant on William Penn Highway on Saturday, June 8th 2013.  Special guests were our former teachers Mr. Richard Eckert (chemistry) and Mr. Marlin Klinger (biology).  Attending were the following:

Class of ‘65

Jean Acton Avitabile

Sandy Allem Butch

Ron & Kathy Ballek

John and Mari (Kutz) Eisenhard

Dea Forney

Bob & Sharon Huff

Paul & Terri Krecker

Terry Lee

Rich McPeek

Pic (Medlar) Schoenek

Ro (Mentesana) Sweeney

Judy Messick Gebhardt

Jim Miller

Tony & Pat Morrow

Bev Neiser Couch

Les & Judy Pektor

Jay & Sue Rutan

Debbie (Schippers) & John Patterson

Lorraine (Thompson) Arnts

Gary Trigiani

Wayne & Judy Vierzbicki

Class of ‘66

Janice (Ballato) Shellenberger

Jack Hagenbach

Darlene Hager

Kathy (Kelly) Hemingway

Linda Lyle

David Mack

Rodney Nace

Kathy (O’Neill) Leary

Ann Reganis

Jack Vaughn

Jack (Bevo) Walter

Ron Lauer


Class of ‘64

Joan (Hoover) Mammana

Jim Springfield

Janet & Barry Werkheiser

Classmates arrived at the restaurant at 9:00a and immediately began “catching up.”  At 9:30a, Gary Trigiani, President ‘65, welcomed everyone, introduced our special guests (Messrs. Eckert and Klinger) and then led the round table introductions.  Debbie (Schippers) Patterson gave an update on the status of the contributions received for our planned gift of two scholarships to the Class of 2015.  We currently have $7,400 with a little more than one year to go to reach our goal of $10,000.

After breakfast, we stayed to reminisced more until about 11:30a.  Everyone seemed to have a really good time and wanted to have another combined breakfast again in the future.